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(SOLD OUT) Larry Clark - "Marfa Gurl" notebook facsimile - Regular edition

by Larry Clark

$65.00 / Sold Out

In celebration of Larry Clark's new feature film, Marfa Girl, Boo-Hooray has published two new printed works by Larry Clark.

The publication Marfa Gurl, a facsimile of the notebook Larry used during the creation of the film Marfa Girl, is issued in an edition of 120 copies. A special edition of 12 copies contain a signed 3.75" x 5.5" archival pigment photographic print by Larry Clark of Adam Mediano, the star of Marfa Girl, housed in a glassine envelope. The price of Marfa Gurl regular edition is $65 and Marfa Gurl special edition is $650.

Marfa Girl premiered in competition at the 7th Rome Film Festival as part of its official selection on November 12, 2012. The festival's jury awarded the film the Golden Marc’Aurelio for Best Film. This is the latest effort from the photographer/filmmaker behind books such as Tulsa, Teenage Lust, and Punk Picasso; and films like Kids, Bully, Ken Park, and Another Day In Paradise.

Following its festival premiere, Marfa Girl was released exclusively on larryclark.com on Tuesday, November 20th, 2012. It is available in English with options for Italian and French subtitles. Aside from the festival premiere, it will not be shown in theaters or on DVD.

84 p. / Staple bound