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Ed Wood's Sleaze Paperbacks - Deluxe Edition

by Ricky Luanda/Chain Gang and Ed Wood, Jr.


Published on the occasion of the exhibition Ed Wood's Sleaze Paperbacks at Boo-Hooray, this fully illustrated catalog showcases the largest collection to date of cult director Ed Wood's output in the field of Pulp Fiction Paperbacks. This bibliography features extensive commentary on the publications and their history as well as quotations from the books themselves. Ed Wood's Sleaze Paperbacks is prefaced by a poetic homage to Wood by Ricky Luanda, member of the legendary band Chain Gang, and dedicated collector of Pulp Fiction.

"The antiquarian mystique surrounding Edward Davis Wood Jr.’s career as an author of pornographic pulp fiction is legend. He wrote under a variety of pseudonyms, books were published and re-published under different titles, and occasionally under different author names. Multiple authors would share the same pseudonym, and the companies that published the titles weren’t the kind of operations that kept any kind of records, nor paid royalties, nor really existed in the manner that most are to expect of book publishers.

"Ed Wood’s sleaze fiction is also as strange, idiosyncratic and out of step with his times and mores as his infamous movies. Wood would write porn inter-spliced with lengthy philosophical, sociological and psychological discourse, he’d write first person narratives of life as a transvestite in the buttoned up America of the 1950’s. He’d riff on psychosexual themes, and unleash his id, his ego and his superego in turn, sometimes in the same chapter. He’d write about sex and the human condition without veneer or filters, offering up the damaged and anguished voice of a desperately soul-searching drunk with a sense of self-worth that would stand in dichotomy to his self-pity.

"His descent into alcoholism and poverty was mirrored by the publishers that employed him. Towards the end of his life he wrote pornography with decreasing amounts of the strange flourishes of his eccentric personality. He died in 1978 of an alcohol-induced heart attack. His friends say the porn killed him." -Johan Kugelberg, Editor

The fully-illustrated catalog for Boo-Hooray's exhibit of Wood's sleaze paperbacks contains extensive commentary by exhibit curators Michael Daley and Johan Kugelberg on the publications and their history, as well as extensive quotations from the books themselves and a poetic homage to Wood by Ricky Luanda of the legendary band Chain Gang.

This Deluxe Edition contains the exhibit catalog, along with a silkscreened and angora-furred clear vinyl 7" recording of two poetic Ed Wood homages by Ricky Luanda, packaged in a silkscreened slipcase. Limited to 250 numbered copies.

250 copies / 100 pages / perfect bound in silkscreened slipcase / full color / fully annotated